Revelation 22:2 Love I-nity Guidance & Protection.

Robert Nesta Marley (via fuckthebabylonsystem)

Fools sayin’ in their heart
Rasta your God is dead
But I and I know Jah! Jah
Dreaded it shall be dread-a dread
Jah live! children yeah



How come the word holocaust never seems to get used next to these types of pictures?

I don’t think people realize how fucked up this actually was. Nobody moved in these ships, they weren’t allowed to get up and stretch their legs. Bathroom breaks? There was no bathroom breaks they had to shit and pee where they laid. Which would leak to the person under them. The only time they would get to move is when they needed to splash them down. They would be so done at this point that they would just throw themselves overboard.
These conditions were sick, yet we’re supposed to forget.

African Praise. Jah Rastafari 

(via fuckthebabylonsystem)

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